Advice and questions about Gyms


All my Aggrons are cool. My Arons don’t get evolved if they are too weak.


I have 2 aggrons, one is shiny. You used a shiny, I presume?



Agg army! :joy::rofl: Thats so good, no wonder you used them to battle!


Their attack strength isn’t very good, but they can take a beating and usually can sweep a 6 monster gym on their own.


Jealous of shiny aggron :smile:


I battle a gym until the last Pokémon Amphoros in its last round, when I was trying to reenter the battle, opposing team just finished that Amphoros and left a Rhydon there, I had to battle that Rhydon 3 times and cleared the gym


I genuinely use just my highest Cp, non slaking pokemon.


Slaking is a pretty good defender, he gets many victories as well as having a high defense stat :grin:


Sorry @Pokemon, Slacking is the easiest to beat from the top 4 defenders, given same level


I know, but it does brong home more victories than blissey :thinking:


I don’t think so


Blissey brought home 1 win out of 4 battles. Slaking brought home 4/7. Might be people not knowing to dodge him, then.


Ya, dodging against shaking charging is needed, but not very difficult to dodge


You see, Play Rough doesn’t play that rough.


Ya, maybe its exclusive move would be play rougher, haha


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