Absol Discussion


Absol Failed with 2 trainers - twice. Very close on second attempt. I am level 36
First time, the other trainer (level 30) was using Ho-Ohs. Tried again and he used better critters, but we failed. I think I need more Machamps. I used Machamp, Rhydone(Fight/Bug), Donphan (Counter/Play Rough), Pinsir (Fight/Fight) Scyther (Bug/Dark), and Parasect (Bug/Bug)


Definetly use more Machamps :blush:


Is absol doable with 4 then? We would be levels 29, 29, 25 and 34.


With the right type Pokemon I would think so.
I’ve done 2 so far with heaps of time spare on the families 4 accts L32, L34, L35, L40.
Game auto selected all T’s on the first one and Golems and Rhydons on the second one. I didn’t pay attention to what moves Absol had.


Probably Psycho cut and Thunder, seeing the weird choices


My wife and I are 40 and 37 then I have a second account to 32. You’re saying we can defeat Absol? I have only done 1 and there were way too many people so I couldn’t tell.


With the right type there is a chance.
Like I mentioned, with the families 4 I’ve done 2 very easily going with what the game picks. Haven’t used any more than 4 Pokemeon on any account either. No dodging, just finger bashing it into the ground.


I felt like it was doable with two. Just need a better line up.


Do you think that the 4 Level 25, 2 29s and a 34 could do it? Level 34 has good counters in scizor and machamp but other 3 lagging behind a bit.


Yes, as long as the lower levels wont use Lugia and Blissey


Nice :smiley: lol only 2 of them have blissey and nobody has lugia in my whole town except 2 lucky people who were on holiday…


Yes as long as the lower levels have enough of the right Pokemon you should be fine. A couple of people on my local Discord have reported 3 low L30 players doing Absol successfully on numerous occasions.

How’s your area for Machops ATM? I’ve got them everywhere since Gen 3 release and getting some monster CPs in the 65-80IV range with the weather boost. This has made for some evolve to 2000-2200CP Machamp’s for Candy cost only, on the kids lower level accounts. This saves a lot of time and Dust rather than powering up Slightly better IV’s from Egg hatches and Raids.
The ones in your group really need to get their accounts up to 30 to get the big CPs.


I haven’t seen a machop since October lol



I have 4 Machamps between 2400 to 2550 and 2 Scizor 2500, the wife doesn’t have as many optimal counters but we are looking forward to finding one.



Yes, we actually did an Absol raid with 3 players. Our lowest was a lvl 34 and I do have six 2600+ CP Machamps in my account. My other two buddies had reasonable Absol counters. I doubt if we can do three players if one of us were lvl 20s.


Yes, lvl 40, (at the time) lvl 37 & a lvl 26 did it.


Way to go! We ended up doing it with our 3 accounts then she and I were able to defeat it with the new fighting types supplementing Macha more and Scizor! We are looking to try Victrebell this weekend!