About Arceus in gen 4



It is a solo raid.
So then That is Good So u can beat it but not easy


Flareon is 21000cp. Arceus should be around that if people can solo Flareon raids.


Arceus should go up in cp the more people there are, may be like this because of its insane stats
1 player = 15000cp
So 20 player could be an insane 300000cp


No. Just make it a solo raid(max 1 player in a group) or you can get something like strong lvl 40 players helling the lower lvl 25 players


CP doesnt mean anything, what matters is how much HP will it have


Thats almost true cause cp matters for defense and attack


No, the stats determine the CP not the other way around
You do know how raid boss stats work right?