A new way to earn Pokécoins is coming to Pokémon GO


“US handegg” - I love the name! so perfectly fitting :grin:


I can see gym control spiraling out of control quickly over this.

“We now need to defend 3 times the gyms we currently defend”

“We seem to only be lasting a third of the time we used to last as everyone else is trying to be in 3 times as many gyms at once”

“Now we need to defend even more gyms”

And so on and so forth, eventually places where you had no trouble getting your daily coins without defending more than a few gyms, you will be lucky to last half an hour in each gym leading to getting very few coins if at all. The only people with a chance of getting all coins, are those who play in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep.


I’m often mistaken, and this may be another one of those times. But the TrainerClub guy seems to think the 5 coins is for each of the tasks, once per-day.

Arguing against myself (often the most entertaining way to kill time), reducing the hourly coins for gyms from 6 to 2 may still leave the daily max from gyms at 50, and the other 5 (for the new daily max coins of 55) may be from the task-completion for the whole list for the day. That’s another way to interpret the ambiguous language in the announcement that would be self-consistent.

And by now my desire for the new feature’s release is far more from an interest in resolving the ambiguity than from a desire for the feature, itself.


Im not sure if thats intended, or just Niantics usual bad communication skills.
Lots of questions indeed. I guess well see it when we will see it.


Well, it’s official – Niantic announced that it’s completing ALL tasks that gets you a lousy 5-coin reward.

(which means my interpretation was incorrect…)


Bit of a progress update on what I’m seeing so far.
I had something come home at 1am Saturday morning that was put in the Friday morning around 2am so can’t check the Gym nerf with that one. It make take a while for me to see changes here as I’m usually in 12-20 Gyms at a time.

I’m 8-9 sets of 3 tasks in with the Snubull thing. There is no counter to say how many I need to do but the internet chatter says it’s 20.
I’ll try update the coin count ASAP once I have no more tasks to do.


I have no more Snubull task left, all done now.
No extra coins.


the gym changes haven’t started yet. The Snubbull event was separate to the new daily tasks thing.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has a better coin system. You get coins from:

  • daily assignments - if you do 7 daily tasks you get 10 coins

  • daily treasure - it’s like 7-day streak in Pokemon GO, but here it’s 30-day streak and you get various rewards every day for logging in (for example: I’ll get 40 coins on 15th May, 50 on 22nd May, 100 on 29th May) you can get 240 coins every month

  • SOS assignments - you can get coins for some of them (it’s like a special research)

  • achievements - there are bronze, silver and gold achievements (like medals in Pokemon GO) and you get 20 coins for some of the gold achievements, sometimes you get 5 coins (usually for silver achievements)

  • returning a foundable - it doesn’t happen very often, but you can get a coin for returning a foundable (imagine if you could get a coin for catching a Pokemon)

  • special events - there was an event recently which gave you between 1 and 5 coins for returning a certain type of foundable that was featured (imagine if you could get between 1 and 5 coins for catching a Community Day Pokemon)

  • brilliant events - current brilliant event gives you 50 coins if you do all the tasks (and it lasts one week, and there are 2 such events every month)

  • level up - you get coins for reaching next level (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 depends on the level)

What’s the best is that you don’t depend on others to earn coins. Pokemon GO could learn a thing or two from HPWU about coins. And about remote battling in fortresses (remote raids) but that’s another topic.


:man_shrugging:I got my 50 coins. They way I look at it, I just got to do a 1-2 star raid each day to get another 5


Maybe PoGo’s coin-bonus system could evolve some of those features. I wouldn’t dream of playing Harry Potter, even if it gave me a thousand free coins a day just for playing.


You have 8 hours left, but no more tasks are available? The way the tasks and bonuses kept coming, I was beginning to think the task stream was only limited by time.


Now I only speak for myself but, I don’t care about this new way of collecting coins.
I will continue to play the same way even after this is implemented in this or any other form, and not think much else about it.


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