A Few Tips To Become A Good Pokémon Go Trainer


Why would you need a team for every raid?


Because the “recommended” teams can be really horrible. if you come upon a raid group that just has a few seconds left in the lobby there is no time to change each mon, and the ones you’re given can mean the raid will fail. With a team already set, just a couple of swipes and you’re fighting with the best mons for that boss. I’ve joined a raid at 6 seconds left in the lobby, and ended the raid with 12 balls to catch. Just wish they would let us set up more than 5 teams,lol.


12 balls in a raid…
Thats sounds like a myth to me
Raid groups also lol




When I solo raids at home I get 14 because I have the gym in the day and my brother over night = 50 coins for us both per day


The wild @KingQ07 fainted.


I get 14 basically every time. Unless my entire town’s playerbase comes along, there is no way to beat Level 4 or 5 raids. However for Level 1-3 raids I always get the bonus as my town is always all instinct. And I always get >20% of the damage for the damage bonus, and as it is a solo, I always get team damage bonus as well.


Me too. Is the minimum amount 5 or 6?


If I’m right you always get 6 balls for defeating the Raid Boss, so I guess it’s 6.


@Alaskabear41 @Jormdeworm you get 7. Remember you earn at least one for damage you deal.


Unless you don’t deal damage, not… So 6.


Only way you won’t is if you don’t battle at all.


So it’s possible :wink:


You need to do at least 10% of damage by yourself for “damage” and at least 20% as a team for “team contribution” if I remember correctly
If theres a lot of people and all are different colour than yours, you can even get 6


A test could be done here. A red team player and yellow team player do a level 1 raid. The gym is yellow. The red player does nothing. The yellow player beats the raid. The red player did no damage so gets 6. The yellow player gets 14.




Can you please explain how to become a good pokemon go, trainer? I search a lot of sites to know this thing and after that, I take a help of Apple Support Canada to know more but this site didn’t help me properly. and the tips which are given in this post is it true?


Thanks @kRe I did not see this post before.


Ideally we could specify a team for each kind of raid boss, or even just for each type (grass, electric, etc). Trying to memorize the best counters for each (to make selecting the best leadoff team at raid time) would make playing seem too much like work.


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