Zombie curve ball throws

It seems one of the tweaks to address network lag introduced the occasional ‘zombie’ throw, where instead of traveling to the target after I throw it, the ball just hangs in mid-air at the point my finger released the throw, and spins in place, eventually bouncing away along a straight path in some direction. When this happens if I put my finger back on the ball before it bounces away like that, I can usually re-do the throw (imparting spin anew and then throwing) often with the throw behaving normally.

Anybody else seeing this? Any thoughts about how to avoid or prevent it?

Its usually due to lag or user error…technically your fault, but its happened to everyone sometimes

Have had this happen a few times, sometimes I even drop the poke ball :upside_down_face:

I never claimed to have the best throw around; but it’s worked well for three years, and I only started seeing this glitch recently.
It usually happens in a place where the net delays are bad. (Possibly always, but I haven’t done any sort of systematic fault isolation.)

seen it

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