Z-Moves in Pokemon GO?

So, most of you probably know this, but if you dont, to this website: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Z-Move

Z-Moves are very powerful, but how can they be implemented into Pokemon GO, well I know a way that could be very cool, but also kinda complicated, so these are the made up requirements for a one of your Pokemon to gain a Z-Move.
First, the Pokemon must have been in your Pokemon Inventory for at least 6 months, then must have won at least 75 pokemon battles (PvE and PvP), then must have been a buddy pokemon for at least 25 KM, then you must obtain the right Z-RIng, which can be obtained via an Item called the “Z-Box” or a 1.1% chance of thru a Pokestop, but the Z-Ring is random in both cases, the Z-Box is purchasable for 750 Pokecoins, then you go into your Inventory, open the box, and obtain a random Z-Ring (ex. Gigavolt Havoc), the Z-Move can only be used once per battle (PvE and PvP) and will do massive damage regardless, and mostly only final evolutions can use Z-Moves.

I hope niantic implements this soon!


Why should only final evolutions use Z-Moves though

What is PvE? Versus team leaders, or pokemon in gyms?

A z crystal needs to be held by a pokemon to activate a z move, so held items will probably have to be implemented first.

I also agree with @Necrozmadabest that final evolutions shouldn’t be the only pokemon to activate z moves, and the only pokemon limitations there are to z moves in the normal games would be the signature z moves.

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Do you really think Caterpie should be using Savage Spin-Out?

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Yes? Thats what it can do in the games

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They can go with a similar way Shuffle did when implementing Megas, just give every mon a slot for the crystal and nothing else