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Your thoughts on the Zapdos day

It was a joke lol but we are the only people that dont like Niantic for Zapdos day.

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@Pokemon @KingQ07 u guys ok?why do you guys Hate it?

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I had a baaaaad day.

You have a new ally. I realise that if the raids aren’t soloable, then the event is useless for a lot of players


I dont think you can blame Niantic for that…


The bug I can

What bug?

I cant raid


Dont we all have a Shiny Zapdos??:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yea LOL (but not me☹)

How do y do you think that

I just normally cant raid

The bug that made it so you were the only one battling it like halfway throught the match.

Actually my favourite! I have to work from 9 to 9 though x_X have to give my phone to someone.

I have never seen that before, How?

I have no idea I was halfway done with the boss when I was the only one battling it. Everyone else was still battling it to.

I see

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You could try to report this issue to Niantic

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Ok I will thanks for the idea.