Your honest thoughts on EX raids?

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I’ve mixed feelings on Niantic.

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Fine, but you could give us more info if you want

Pros: break through the boundary of mobile games, encourage people to play the game by cooperating with others…

Cons: too many bugs, ignore playerbase, low efficiency…

Sorry that I focus on Niantic, not Ex raids.

To be honest, I know that a lot of people find these raids boring after the first week, but I see it as an opportunity to explore my city.

I’m from Canada, but I live in Muscat, Oman. I live in a new environment, going to new places and meeting new people. I’m entering my 3rd year here, and there is still much still to explore.

Admittedly, Pokemon Go isn’t a big game here. There aren’t a lot of players here; in fact I can usually recognize every player in a gym, no matter what team they are on.

When the legendaries first came out, I was really disappointed because I thought I would never be able to find people to raid with. Then, with a bit of internet searching, I found a Muscat raid group!

Fast forward a month later; now I know practically every member of our raid group by name. We’re a mix of different ages, genders and nationalities, and we go raiding almost everyday!

The raid system (especially the EX raids) gave me an opportunity to get out and enjoy life in a new place, meet new people and learn about local/international cultures. , not to mention a new Pokedex entry!

Middle East Raikou hype!


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Done. Hope this helps your research.

Love and hate are very strong words…

The one thing I don’t like about them is they only have the same 1hr window as Ledgendary’s to be there for a Battle.
For the Ex Raid I’d like to see that window opened up more.

Let’s say do you want all legendaries to be available only in raids. (including Mythical Pokemon)

I haven’t had the chance to do an EX raid yet but do agree with most of the comments here.
The Gym rework & raid system have given me the opportunity to meet trainers from all teams & get to know those in my local area - this is a very good thing.
Once I’ve done an EX raid I shall let you know how I feel :smiley:

I think they are great.

First and foremost it builds hype and rewards active players. It also adds vitality to the player pool. One example is my wife My wife took a break, missed the first ex raid in our town and now is active again.

Second it makes catching the Pokémon much more special.

Finally it makes it very difficult for cheaters and sproofers to participate


In my eyes, the EX raids are almost too random and erratic. For starters, the test countries so far exclude large parts of the world, including most of the UK and North Africa.
Secondly, we were all told that sponsored raids would increase your chances of getting invited. They then change that after 4 days while everyone is doing sponsored raids. Not to forget, England has no sponsors.
Finally, sooo few players get to experience this. People that have done hundreds of raids get left out because of bad luck, and you could get an invite with that one free pass a day.
I would prefer it if Legendaries spawned wild, or hatched out of 20km eggs.


I like the egg idea in theory but I don’t think 20k is enough k’s. I’d have it in addition to the current Ledgendary Raids as well.
I’d have it you can only have one egg at a time and have it either come at random after doing a minimum set amount of Raids or even at XX amount of Raids you guaranteed the egg. e.g Must do at least 20 Raids before it’s possible to get a Legendary Egg. Can not get another egg until you’ve hatched the first one and then do the amount of Raids again.

The only issue with that is there’s walk the K’s cheats out there that could exploit that.


Obviously, if Niantic were to implement this it would need to be looked at properly. I can still hope though…

The mythical Pokemons should only be hatched from eggs during regional events.

This system is incredibly bad imo. I live in an area where getting to the city is pretty difficult and whilst my town has a lot of pokestops it doesnt have all that many pokemon go players. I go to the city once or twice a month at best. I honestly wish they would make mewtwo so just a normal raid but tbh I don’t really care about getting mewtwo atm. My squad is already op without needing another op pokemon to demote something to page 2.


After yesterdays surprise wacky issue of Ex Raid Passes my view of Ex Raids has soured some what putting me into the frustrated/angry camp with those that got to that point much earlier.
The thing that has annoyed me the most about what happened yesterday was people getting one for merely spinning the Gym disc and that’s the only interaction they had while players including myself have had far more interaction from Raids, Battles, Occupied, Berried, Gold Badges getting nothing.

I don’t have issue with the mass give away but I strongly think the minimum requirement should have been a Raid must have been done at the Gym. Yes, I would have been a little disappointed at missing out but it wouldn’t have me questioning why the hell I spent a week and all of my coins working with a group trying to trigger an Ex Raid in a new area that fit with all the info known at the time on the how and where.

I’ll take the next week or 2 off targeting known Ex Raid Gyms wasting Passes/Coins on rubbish Pokemon if they are at these Gyms and spend my Raid time targeting Tyranitar, Snorlax and Aggron now that I know the Machamp Battle Squads I’ve spent so much time on building up on the families accounts can smash all 3 very easy on my own.

A whole host of people have the same sentiments as you. One point we may all have forgotten is that for those who appear to have simply spun the disc to get this pass, may have done so to a pokéstop which has since been converted to a gym but wasn’t at the point that they interacted with it (this revelation has literally just come to me after I started typing this so apologies if it sounds abrupt!).

That also adds to bizarre nature of what happened.
I know that’s not the case for my Gym in question as this has been a Gym from day dot.

I hope I catch my first Metwo this afternoon on my account. The stinking hot 40 degree temperature this afternoon will add it’s own element of fun hoping the phone doesn’t overheat like did on a similar day 2 weeks ago mid Aggron Battle.

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