Wishlist for battle system rework

Wishlist for battle system rework:

  1. Abilities
  2. Status effects
  3. Speed stat (maybe adding special atk & def as well)
  4. Movesets selection options
  5. PP for charged moves (optional)

(Note: this is a wishlist but not necessarily applicable to pogo)

Which of the above feature do you want the most?

  • Abilities
  • Status effects
  • Speed, special atk & def stats
  • Movesets selection options
  • PP for charged moves

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Abilities are really the only thing I feel my critters are lacking. Lets not forget this is a free to play app on a phone hahaha. I really like the simplicity of the defense and attack stat but Im on the fence with Special attk/def being added. If it happens I will probably have an initial advantage over most good players and ALL casuals due to my extensive retained knowledge of pokemon stats lol. I just want PVP. I wanna be able to battle my wife anywhere.

I don’t play the normal games but my son has most of them. Ill try to get him to post.

Personally, I’d like it if they let you Pokemon have a second charge move to add a bit more variety to each Pokemon. They’d have to add a few more charge moves to some Pokemon, but I think it would be a cool addition. Like, lets say your battling a Rhydon and you throw out a Donphan. You already saw a Stone-edge from the guy, so you’re expecting it to go down fairly easy, but then the Rhydon hits your Donphan with an unexpected Surf attack, making the battle just that much more costly.

It may not seem like the most necessary addition, but I think it could add a bit of a rouge element to gym battles and make them a bit more challenging again, which I do miss in gyms. I would also be really good in PvP if it ever gets implemented.

But if I had to pick one from the list, probably status effects, add a bit more variety to the game, though abilities are a close second.

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