Winning a raid question

If you win a raid solo and catch the Pokemon do you get it in it’s powered up form ( the cp it is when you battle it ) or on its original weak form ?

Weak so when you raid a Magikarp it cp is 1165 And when caught something around 110-125

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For pink ( level 1 ) what is the highest cp you can catch ?

Look this

Should help shows cp of all raids some not availiable in england

You get any shiny charmander earlier

The raid boss is now a magikarp which I have already lots of so will leave it this time.

I caught one charmander earlier no shiny though I would love charizard

Do the Karp raid need loads candy to evolve to

You catch the Pokemon of the respective species at level 20
IVs and movesets are different for everybody who battles, but the level stays the same
And, since Pokemon have different base stats, the max CPs will differ as well

Yes I just did it an evolved my Aron

I soloed my first Tier 3 raid today. I’m really proud about it!


Who was the boss and what Pokémon did you use

It was a Piloswine. I don’t really know what I used, but I still know that I used some Vaporeon, Hariyama, Manectric, Rhyhorn, Omastar, Mr. Mime and Gyarados. Mostly Vaporeons. It were just random mons that the game chose for me.

I have two hariyama he is my best along with machamp.
Mr mine is poor for me though I never use him

two-manned another Absol yesterday, two-manned a TTar in cloudy weather a few days back

Yes he wasn’t really useful though.

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I solo an omastar a while back. I didn’t think it was soloable

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It’s one of the easiest

I realise that now, but i struggled because of my lack of grass counters.

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