Why the new pass packages are so lame?

hi guys I am back after long time of not bening active here and I can tell you I am just shocked from what I see, why the top deal package bundle have 5 or 6 passes and cost 1500 coins?, for long time we couldn’t get a decent deal for raid passes why this drainage ?, but that not all from what I am feeling shocked, at each morning I get up I see toons of legendry’s raids but none 3 or 4 stars, so let just cut up all this endless conversation on what raids should be, and let me get straight to the point, we need to have raids that we choice the boss we encounter ,each one of us have different type of groups and lifestyle, dear Niantic cant satisfy all ,so why not let us choose what to fight?, ofc that will include only all the bosses that will be available in the current month, and not just all that will be too op.

did you like the raid idea boss via choice?(given from the monthly raid bosses selection)

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Useless 3-4?!?
The pokemons from 3-4 are really useful


Machamp and TTar are
And Porygon is decent for candies I guess but thats it

I really only do level 3 raids. I don’t pay attention to what Pokemon it is. It’s usual for me to see very few raids a day.
I’m rural so have basically no other players to do raids with.

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Worst value Boxes released so far.
Glad there’s a lack of Pokemon worthy of Raiding atm,it will give the coins a chance to build up for when they are decent.
Only interest is Kirlia and Tyranitar atm.


Dont forget Porygon - easy to beat and will be decent generalist

please forgive me that I ask you this, but it only because criousity, is there any reason to be against raid boss via selection on the field ?, wont this be a win win everyone get what they want ?.

May be difficult to implement, the egg has to hatch at one point or another

I don’t know I am not a developer, but just an idea it can hatch into a pokemon shrouded in darkness, with the title mystery pokemon ,with a selection screen once selected there will be instance created with id number just like private invite to raid with pass ,but instead pass it will have to be feed with just id then other can come join,that also solve the cause if there Is 2 teams that want raid different boss at same place.

Ah, thought you meant a sort of voting before the egg hatches

there is many ways to actually put that idea into action also it more economically efficient for all of us both Niantic and us you know how much fuel I spend to locate a raid I want ? a week almost twice I need refill full fuel tank.

I never plan on buying a box so it doesnt mean that much to me…

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I only buy box once

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The coding issues would make it extremely difficult to implement this idea! Due to the amount server traffic it would create plus I believe it would open the programming to more chances of errors occurring in the game!

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Yes, before they do that they need to fix the berry bug…

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No the camera bug when you encounter a Pokémon. That should be fixed first.

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Berry bug is purely visual, it doesnt bother me much tbh


Ya, I would use berry as usual

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