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Which pseudo legendary is the best?

Blissey is only good as defender. Even then, she won’t hold up against a determined attacker.

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I know… just isn’t it considered a pseudo legendary with its stat total of over 600🤔?
Bliss eaters must be blissful

No,pseudo has a base stat total of exactly 600
And Blissey doesnt have over 600 in the first place

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True… they shouldn’t have given it that giant buff!:joy:

She has under 600…

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Tyranitars are not good against Registeel. I entered the raid late and just selected that team before time ran out. Got my butt kicked. Registeel killed 5 out of 6.

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Lol, at least you won… At least your dogs butt didnt get kicked. Ya, there isnt any use for pseudo legendaries against registeel…:rofl::sweat_smile:

Yeah, obviously
The only pseudo that would be an ideal counter would be Garchomp

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I didn’t catch Registeel either. But my son did. Opposite happened yesterday. So we are both 1-2 on Registeel raids.

Cool! Excited for raikou?

I still don’t have registeel. I’ll hopefully get one soon enough.

I’m very glad that the breakthroughs are making a return to legendaries.

Yes… if it was something else I would have gone insane…

Salamence has Fire Blast and Tyranitar have Fire Blast, it might not be stab, but at least it will be useful. I really do wish they would add, Special Attack and Special Defense, it would make so much sense, because of the charge moves. The charge moves could be special attacks.

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Yeah, or Kommo-o with it’s fighting type moves. One move that should be added that would definitely help fighting type attackers is Sky Uppercut, perfect move that helps you so much.

Yes!!! Soooo many Pokemon would be better if they added this!

Kommo-o doesnt have that sky-high attack and gets topped by Machamp

It does have sky uppercut. I have it on.my kommo-o

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