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Which future update do you like for Pokémon Go?

Hey guys I am back with a new question

PVP ( player vs player ) I think u all know about this. Once think u will be able to defeat your friend who says my pokemon are better than yours

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Breeding, this is an excellent way of getting Pokemons i mean eggs

Generation 4 as it has one of my favourite pokes lucario and arceus ( god!!! )

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PvP has alot of functions that will need to be fixed.

Drop an idea here if you know how that would work out;

I’m looking forward to pokestop submissions.



autobattle where you input commands in 10-fold beforehand.
Possible commands: attack, charged attack, dodge, switch out pokemon
Pvp then becomes a fast paced tactical rock paper scissor game, not just spam your best pokemon.

  • charged attack needs to be slightly reworked so you should know how many normal attacks are needed before you can use one. Input one before your charge bar is full, wasted a command.
  • dodge still needs to do ~25% damage to prevent mass dodging. But even now we get damage when dodging so nothing really new here.

Battling then still is tap and/or swipe but allows more tactics. Also, this is very close to normal game combat style.

also, what i would want myself: POI submission system.

Just let every level 40 player apply for 1 POI per month (week?) to prevent abuse and overflowing the servers. Start there, increase over time / lower level requirement over time.

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posted my story there aswell.

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Lol you quoted me…

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Please hell no
Level 40 recuirment ruins it for rurals

Celebi which is also confirmed.
I predict it on august 1

And they should increase the levels.

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Hey wait what does POI mean???

Increased ex raid invites

Point of Interest.

I am lvl 30. I didn’t even get 1 raid pass . can anyone help me

Try to do raids on an EX Gym. You know that a Gym is an EX Gym once there has been an EX Raid on it.

Hey how can I know a gym is a ex gym or not???

Perhaps by reading what I posted earlier in this topic… :man_facepalming:t2: