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Where to use rare candy on

Psychic Shadow Ball
Not changing that is strongest moveset

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only because niantic nerfed larvitar spawns after the 1st hour because of login issues… (sigh…)

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I would not do it because it only has 13 ATK

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Ill be using Rare Candy on Feebas now because ill hit 20km walked before I get the required 100.

I will give my rare candy either to lairon or squirtle

All my Rares are currently going on Raikou.
Trying to finish a 93% with 15 attack that’s at L33 now.

are either of them shiny?

Switched to throwing them at Rayquaza to finish Powering up a second 98% to L40.

I use RC on legendary only.

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I’m stockpiling rare candy until Gen 4 comes out.

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