Where to use rare candy on?

I have 28 rare candy and its rare for me to do any raid. Someone knows where i can use my rares on?

I spent mine on Larvitars and Chanseys. When I have Tyranitar, they go to Bagon.
U can also spend them on Magikarp.

Furthermore it’s up to you

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Rare candy are usually useful en masse, so I recommend Chansey or Porygon or other rares that take 50 candy.

If you hardly ever raid and don’t see yourself grabbing a Legendary any time soon, then I have to agree with the Larvitar/Pupitar suggestion, to get a Tyranitar. After that, it’s a matter whatever strikes your fancy. I used a couple myself to evolve a good Scyther to a Scizor, for example. (I REALLY wanted that red menace!) But, I’d save them exclusively for evolving purposes, and not use them for leveling any Pokémons. They’re rare and multifunctional enough, that you’ll always be happy when you have a couple ready when you find something awesome to evolve and are just 4-5 candies short to do it.


I have blissey, 400 candy for gyarados, tyranitar, porygon2 and have enough to make another


I have only 1 Bagon
Lvl 20 but 98 IV

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Then just save up to evolve it, I guess.


And most imprortantly, Magikarp
Step 6 for mew has ‘evolve a magikarp’


I’m using all my rare candies to evolve Beldum right now since he’s 5 km per candy.

The answer is simple yet quite difficult at the same time.
The simple answer is Legendaries or rare evolutionable ‘mons that do not have nests(Lotad, Bagon, Pineco just to name a few).
The difficulty in answering your question is not knowing your current biome.
For example, in Vegas, Snorant & Spheal after their event are almost a rumor that they exists yet Trapinch & Slugma are EVERYWHERE. But in Denver it’s the opposite.
Get the full list of non-nesting ‘mons, then see which ones on the list you still need to evolve for a Pokédex entry. If you have none needed to evolve, then start using them on Legendaries(Mewtwo, Groudon, then Kyogre).

I have 400 candy

That really depends on spawns in your location, for me to use rare candies on magicarp would be a waste. I agree legendaries and I’d go for chancy larvitar and bagon if not legendaries

I only use mine on legendaries. I want to get all evolutions naturally (catching, hatching). Once I get my first full evolution I allow myself to use rare candy. For example, I finally got enough beldum candy after the 10k egg event for metagross, and I put some candy into it for power ups.

Right now I’m focusing on bagon…I have about 80 candy, so 45 to go for salamance. I have over 300 rare candies, so I could easily get it, but it keeps the game more interesting for me if I grind for it.

I’ll probably start feeding them to Bagon once I have Metagross. I can’t feed them to Legendaries yet when there are still Pokemon out there I don’t have yet.

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