When the exciting news means nothing

So Groudon is going to be in raids. I guess it will be nice to see a new Pokemon in the raids. I won’t be able to get one though unless it is <20000 cp my town has no chance. Another problem. We used to have a low levelled group of 8. The lowest level of us, the level 19, has quit Pokemon go saying that it has gone bad. With 7 Level 35 players we would struggle so with 7 players averaging about level 29 or 30 we won’t be able. I guess I will wait for the next gen 3 drop, that will be properly exciting again.

EDIT: I am genuinely excited for the people in the big towns and cities - enjoy your Groudon ! :smiley:


I wasn’t expecting the release…I was actually hoping for a little brake from the legendary raids after ho-oh so I could focus on farming gen 3. Turns out we got exactly 24 hrs from the time ho-oh left to the time groudon arrived. My guess is niantic is doing well selling raid passes and doesn’t want there to be any time without legendaries.

I went 1/2 on groudon today and I think he is one of the harder legendaries to get an excellent throw because he is very far back. I do wish there was a way for players in less populated areas to have a chance at the legendaries. I think that is the least fair part of the current game.


No one has multiple account? I know this is against the rules, but still believe its better than spoofing. Find your brother’s or sister’s or friend’s old account and play for them.

I have second account - that is the level 25.
One of my friends (level 29) has started a new account but with this weather it is slow going and we have no extra device for it.

Yeah but at this speed they will be forced to release the next gen sooner XD

I’m annoyed that they’re releasing gen 3 legendaries before releasing all of gen 1 (we still have no clue what is up with mew). We’re still missing multiple gen 2 non-legendary mons as well. At this point it’s been like five straight months of legendary raids which makes them feel less…legendary imo

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I feel the same about legendaries and yes the release of pokemon seems a bit chaotic.

You left out persisting with regional stupidity too.