What's next for legendaries?

What legendary do you think will appear next? I personally hope it is groudon or kyogre, but as I have said before I feel we should get a quest system soon to get legendaries in areas where you would need a holiday to stay in a city long enough to catch them all.

I think Groudon or Kyogre are more likely but it would be a good time for releasing Mew (not in raids).

Yes, I think groudon or kyogre (but in January or February) but for now I hope nothing. Let the raiders rest a little bit. Or go back the birds and dogs for who don’t have them.

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Why would they give us a break?
They’re making a ton of $$$ from Raid Passes.


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You will get one soon :slight_smile: I always prefered kyogre but groudon still nice lol

How difficult is it to beat and does anyone know the Base catch rate?

EDIT: I might be able to get this one, if I do it in rain or similar. That would mean water types would do extra damage and Gyarados and vaporeon could begin to demolish it. That is, if it is beatable with around 3-5 players.

Tried Grouden with 4 today and got my butt kicked, didn’t get close. I lucked out as the one I had a crack at had Solar Beam. Game auto selected Dragonites, Oh-ho and Lugia so I went with that and failed. Tried again as there was still time, only I selected the Water Teams I had created on each. Got to when the lowest acct lost all 6 and made the call I wasn’t going to succeed so just stopped and let the timer run out to save Revives and potions.

The smallest party i managed to defeat a earthquake groudon with was 7 accounts. But half of the accounts didnt have amazing counters. I think we finished with 20 odd seconds to spare.

Earthquake - dragonites with hurricane or ho oh with solar beam.
Fireblast - hydropump (gyarados is the best water type)
Solar beam - ho oh with solar beam or anything with solar beam or sceptile with leaf blade

You can do Groudon with 5 as long as you use the right typing. Solar beam is like Ho-Oh though…

I reckon I will see minimal legendary raids - maybe as little as 1 a week, will then not get enough players for any of them, and then consistently fail every one. If I do beat one, the chance of me catching it is really low, and if I don’t catch it I will never get another chance. Niantic, please - give us a quest system… so I can get one groudon please…

I JUST realised that I might be able to do it with 5 or so in rain …

Well it sounds like there is a lot of ‘ifs’ you’re relying on.
The chance of a t5 raid appearing. Then it just happening to rain at the same time. And then it being a good time for everyone to get there too.

Well i guess it depends on where you live. Because chances of it raining in summer is pretty much nonexistent.

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The first level 5 raid has been spotted.
Weather: Cloudy
Available people: 2
Chances of winning: 0%

Do you have the ability to travel, even if it is just to a nearly city? I don’t know your situation so maybe this is impossible for you, but it seems like there hmight be ways for you to be more successful At least in terms of raiding.

Okay so I managed to get 6 people of our 7 down. We failed it but only just. If we had 7th person it will be doable.

Buddy, next time, tell me, I might join if I wont have to stall out cooldown
Where do you live?