What level raids do you do?

Interested to see what level of raids do you guys do most frequently. Me and a friend often go to level 3 raids and do them since we can take them out with my older phones (my alt on the other) and then on my friend’s phone. It is cool because you get a lot of items for such a small amount of time commitment. How do you (if you do) get your rare candies etc?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • No raids
  • Combination
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level 2 because I am the only player in my town

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When I’m with a group, usually 4 and 5. By myself, maybe 2.

By myself 3. Otherwise 4 and 5. But the only raid that was really exciting was the Mewtwo raid. The rest is getting boring to be honest.

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I’ll Raid any thing time and enough people permitting.
I do for the Rares and TM’s

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** Elektabuzz (Still need 100% IV for Gen4)
** Croconaw (Still need female Croconaw and Feraligator for Dex)
*** Jolteon (Still need female Jolteon for Dex)
*** Alakazam (Still need female Kadabra and Alakazam for Dex)
**** Snorlax (Still need female Snorlax for Dex)
**** Tyranitar (Want a 100% IV)
***** Legendaries

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Me too. I’ll try for higher levels if there’s people around (rare). Otherwise 1-3 solo

I hit them all when I can and when there are enough people to take down the more difficult pokemon.

Mainly legendaries, as the 10000 EXP is pretty cool

Tier 3
and for record, for “believers” :smiling_imp:

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But exp without dust – nothing

I pretty much do Level 3 but only Machamp and Vaporeon. I’ve got my Pokemon leveled up where I can beat them solo. I am Level 37 with 3 Exeggutors maxed out with best movesets (for Vaporeon - Extrasensory/Solar Beam) and Alakazam/Espeon maxed out with best movesets (for Machamp - Confusion/Future Sight). I also have a Dragonite with DT/Hurricane with poor IVs but is a freaking beast against those 2! Machamp is a quick battle but Vaporeon is pretty close (usually have less than 10 seconds on the clock). On a side note, I have noticed the last 2 solo Vaporeon raids usually has me battling a Vaporeon with movesets different from the one I capture.

Forgot to mention, I never dodge. I tried but always run out of time.

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I also don’t bother dodging. Dodging just takes up valuable scounds. If you happen to use the first 6 you get another team.

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Of course the boss has different moves from what you catch
As for dodging, it helps TTar survive a Focus Blast and just about any Pokémon live longer, assuming the bug doesnt kill you

In terms of power, everyone should have at least one Pokémon with focus blast. It is (in my opinion) the most powerful move when combating against the stronger Pokemon like Tyranitar And Blissey.

Machamp/Heracross is enough, full on psychics are better imo

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L3’s have been giving me good returns of Rares and Goldies with the odd TM recently.
I’ve been making it a point to hit a few of them where I can.

New vap;
Btw, long time wont dodge too, — and also think it save time and give more ultras…
But now…
I always try do one move, when i think it time;
On some with low damage, like scyter, — really, it no matter, — but on that one i think it is very important.

Just as I was starting to hit more Machamps and Alakazams they take them away :confounded:
Hoping the latest L3’s rubbish gives me similar returns.
For some reason I don’t Dodge well when using my Eggs, just cant get the timing right :confused:

Alakazam and Machamp are staying :neutral_face: