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What do you think of regis in Pokémon GO?

If you want to keep it before a raid or if you are on vacation and want to hold it long enough to get a few coins.


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Regigigas? Regigigas has one of the worst abilities - Slow Start. It will be as useful as Slaking in Pokemon GO. It means it won’t be useful at all. There are bad legendaries: Registeel which is lowest CP legendary Pokemon, Latios and Latias because they’re too weak for Legendary dragons, Mew because Niantic decided not to give a potential to learn any move (it has a very limited movepool even if you use a TM).

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People say Regigigas will be bad and has no use, but there are no abilities in the game.

ok registeel is weak
but all the others you mentioned not
and if something is weak it doesnt make it garbage

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No abilities Regiggigas has to be nerfed in another way, I presume halving its Attack stat entirely
Agreed on Registeel
Latios is a solid gym sweeper and not a bad choice to use at all
Latias isnt too good tbh
Mew is not a legendary and he sucks because of his stats, not his movepool

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I asked that question to myself over and over again.
1 month!!!

Im powering up a 98iv regirock. It has an excellent rock type moveset. Itll be a great anchor in 6th slot when running a team of smackdown ttars golem etc

Nice :+1:

But why have an anchor to begin with, why not just heal and continue fighting with DPS monsters?

GO AWAY :point_right:


I don’t think of them at all. After Regice, it was one and done.

:joy: You never raided the others?

No, I got 1 Registeel and 1 Regirock and didn’t feel the need to seek out any extra.


You do the birds now, right?

I did an Articuno yesterday only because when I showed up at the gym to spin disc, a whole bunch of people were hanging out. So I asked them if they would need help. I’m actually perfectly content to wait until Mewtwo to do a raid again.

Dont have regice yet…
Want it so much i would give a mewtwo for it

Meh, because atm they arent relevant and theres only a slim chance they will ever be. For the part that there is no bad legendaries, well maybe in main pokemon games, as for pogo just one word - suicune

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Also Ho -oh has crap moves

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Only difference theres still hope for ho oh :joy: