What do you think of regis in Pokémon GO?

What do you think of regi trio?

  • Awesome!!!:grin::grin:
  • Cool
  • Not bad
  • Bad
  • AWFULL​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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What do you think of regi trio in Pokemon go?

  • Awesome!
  • Cool
  • Okay
  • Meh
  • Bad
  • Worst. Ever. Made.

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I actually meant that xD

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May I ask how is it awesome?

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  1. Its a legendary, there are no bad legendaries
  2. They are easier to raid then other bosses
  3. Raiding them wont cost you much revives
  4. You can use them of you low on potions/revives
  5. If niantic shows interest in pokemon you will need them for Regigas
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But there are better legendaries
And easier, like Moltres
And at level 20, they wont do much in a gym
And that means you still need at least one, not more

I wouldnt mind regis for two weeks each, but why on earth are they here for a month each?


See in Bold


I meant a legendary is a legendary
There still special
And that they are easy to raid is good for rurals

Legendaries are in no way special! It just means that aquiring them is a bit different, but other than that, they are no different from regular Pokémon!
Exceptn that you cant put them in gyms for whatever reason

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You still need at least 4 players even with beastly counters
They are not good for rurals
Especially since not as many urbans would like to go out and help rurals raid that trash

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Unless we get to use them to defend gyms, they are pretty much worthless.

Legendaries are extreme hard to get

  1. Not really
  2. Doesnt make them actually good in any wqy

Yeah but there very hard to get for rurals
Its same as trowing away a maxed 0 iv dragonite

I dont understand the second part?
And as for the first, kind of, you can still go to a city and do a couple of raids during the CD, hook up with the local group and organize CD/raiding sessions, etc

All of that is not possible for me

Why would you drop a good pokemon in a gym?

So that he can defend the gym better and deter weaker trainers

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And these are even harder. You can DUO Moltres, but this you need like 5 to have a good chance.

I’m meh. Don’t genuinely care if it isn’t soloable at this stage. Basically no players left in my town.