What do you think about legendary raids?

For me they’re total thrash. Not only its nightmare to just gain like 15 players in one place under 2 hours, but its also nightmare to defeat and catch them. But for me the biggest problem is players itself. For me its no problem to drive to my nearest big city and find legendary raid. But whenever i find legendary raid that actually has many (or less) people waiting, everyone needs to make fun of me. Either by leaving me alone or grabbing blissey and only dodging attacks. Just because i’m only level 28 and from Team Instinct. I mean, really, anyone who has or had similar experience, i feel you. I still don’t have any legendary pokemon, while youtube is being overfilled with films about advanced pro *cough cough Mystic7, Reversal and Trainer Tips *cough *cough that is like visiting Santa Monica Pier 24/7 catching like 43rd moltres while like 70% of pokemon go players didn’t even have chance to just try fight one. Let me know what do you think about those raids.


sounds like you need to make at least 8 hardcore Pokemon Go playing friends so you don’t have to rely on randoms.
In all my encounters with total strangers I’ve never had randoms sabotaging the battle with how you described. There are two people in my area that I refuse to battle with and if they rock up or join the battle I leave.

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If those idiots did that to you, they’re only hurting themeselves.(they don’t get the raid boss either). But you can’t blame your issues on the raid system as a whole. You just need to get a close group of trusted players together, and travel from raid to raid. Anyone can make the most of the raids with some effort and communication!

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