Unown badge

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I can’t even see this badge.

Me neither.


I love how on my discord they report unown spawns, and they always seem to happen in VA or MD, not DC. Everyone complains about it.

Just 2…

Do your parents play and drive you, how do you get them?

Cannot see

I’m in DC/MD/VA area and I’ve never encountered an Unown.

R u on the DC discord?

Nah, they don’t cuz it’s usually at times where I can’t get thrm

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Havent been to any gofest. But i have been at Safari zone Zoetermeer and Amstelveen

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I still don’t have an Unown yet.

Why don’t Niantic finally increase Unown spawns or make a worldwide event with them? They’re insanely rare. We can’t all go to GO fest and other events. There are 28 Unown, they could release at least some of them and keep the others for events. Or they could release them like Spinda through the research. Or put them in eggs. They can’t hold them like this forever.

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Me neither.

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I have some reserved for me from friends that went to GoFest. Haven’t met up with them yet, but probably will once Armored Mewtwo Raids start.

From an event, GoFest and trades.


I haven’t been in any event so far. Do they even spawn outside eventareas and give me a chance to catch them?

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Very very rarely. I’ve seen one on a nearby screen once and I play all the time.