Unova Legendaries lining up for Tier-5 raids beginning May 26

This sounds to me like a win. The last time I remember being this psyched about a new raid boss was when Rayquaza finally made its appearance.

Now it’s good time for Niantic to introduce remote raid invitations.

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As long as invitations are like the EX-raid invites, where the recipient gets a free pass to the raid. If a remote raid invite is no more than alerting a particular player to a raid you want their help with, we already have Discord for that.

My local Discord group all but blew up at this news. They’ve been waiting for this news for a very long time!

It wont work like either of those options.
You invite friends and then they can use their own remote raid passes. Its practically just a method of making your viewing range larger.

That works, too. Thanks for clarifying.

But the lack of a daily free remote raid pass makes every raid cost real money for players whose location is under a mandatory stay-home regulation, unless they have a gym directly reachable from their sheltering location. The extended range helps; but it’s still less helpful.

I’ll blow a free raid pass on a raid that has little return (like a lower-tier raid, or helping a lower-level trainer raid a stronger boss). I usually won’t blow real money on those, though.

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Yeah, i was hoping the daily free pass would turn into a remote pass aswell. Would certainly have gotten Niantic some more goodwill. Theyre really going more and more money grabby lately.
Luckilly im still allowed to go outside, so not to much harm done for me personally. But it really sucks for people who are under lockdown or just genuinly scared about all this.

Nice. Those dragons are really cool!

They are also the strongest attackers in each of their classes (Reshiram is the strongest Fire-type, and Zekrom is the strongest Electric-type). Kyurem may not do much now, but once Black Kyurem hits the scene, OH HONEY!!

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