Unable to take Team Ownership of Gym pending Raid

So I was battling a Gym and literally was down to the Coup de Grace on the last Pokemon, when a Raid was announced for that Gym. After I killed the last Pokemon, I was displayed the congratulations message, but the Gym never turned White. I opened the Gym backup and instead seeing the add your Pokemon icon, I saw the icon for my Pokemon storage. I selected that and was able to browse, select and leave a Pokemon. But the color of the Gym never changed. I should have taken a screen capture, but didn’t.

Has anyone else seen this?

It’s a know glitch with raids. When the raid ends the gym will change to your team color.

That happened to me yesterday also. This morning when I went back to feed my Pokémon, I was in control of the gym.

Me and another person a friend of mine both battled a gym I was able to leave a pokemon but he was not able to. He said it told him that the gym was being battled at this time. I was not getting that same message and we was standing right next to each other and there was no one else there. Why was that he could not put a pokemon into the gym after helping with the beating of the gym?

No real answer, but you have to think that we are playing in the Gyms with a Beta-Version. So, it’s allways sad when you jump on an error, but you can’t await that everything goes smooth.

It might be that you did more damage than him or made the killing blow. I think I read somewhere that they increased the time in which only the winner is allowed to put a Pokemon in the gym. Maybe there’s a glitch there that doesn’t count all battlers as winners.

I had similar experience today where a Raid was pending, but not started. I took over the Gym, but it didn’t change colour. Just a glitch i thought, but it turned out there was a consequence, once I had successfully beaten the boss. That’s because, if your team holds the Gym you normally get extra poke balls provided to try to catch the Boss, but this time the game still thought the previous team was holding it and didn’t give me extra balls. So less balls to use to catch the boss.

I had the same error took gym but no colour change, it did refresh my screen and the gym then changed, also took down a gym and just as i went to place my pokemon in the raid started, left the gym empty, no bonus for anyone.:sweat_smile: