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Troll/fake 100% Pokémon

All 14s are probably more rare than all 15’s

I keep getting fake Hundos for no reason. I’m usually like “Please be Hundo please ah no hmm”.

Got a 13/13/13 shiny Outrage Lucky Salamence :confused:

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Nope, same probability, just like 12s or 13s

What will you plan to do with it?

Not a troll, but yesterday i caught 3 666 CP Pokemon, two of them Alolan Geodudes, the other a Lileep. I am cursed, since i got a test back today with low marks (it was on greek mythology)

I love how @Necrozmadabest loves to be right about everything.

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Troll by the old system of appraisal

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got a 13/13/13 pokemon today, although i forgot what it was lol. If I remember tomorrow morning, I’ll post it here