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Trade options

I sent them a request and it’s already being considered.

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I hate to break it to you, but thats an automatic response
Niantic trully isnt a company that would listen to anybody, they have 2-year old bugs, dont do literally anything about cheaters, ignore tons of feedback (unless its an utter fail like 2017 Go fest)
And such a company wont listen to a petition anyway
Its a shame that out of all companies, it was Nia who got the rights for the game

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Whats your friend code I’ll add you

Did you get it?

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It’s been a while since this was posted so a recap. We have worldwide battles, we’ve received Pokemon go battle league since the original post, but still we are unable to trade with friends without practically sitting next to them. I’d rather have trades than battles personally but why hasn’t the trade feature been updated? Probably because there would be no way to communicate in game what Pokemon you would want in exchange.

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That’s why you’d use other apps

I usually do.

There’s times when I’ll be sitting a room away from another player and while I’m sitting still my in game character will run a km away from where I’m sitting. As a result I can’t connect to the other person’s trainer. Gets kinda frustrating.