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TOP 3: What do you want most in Pokemon GO?

Yay @Elderscroller is finally back!!!:joy: What were you doing in the past few weeks @Elderscroller?

I was busy and there was not much to talk about in the past few weeks.


That’s fine. In my opinion I hope Niantic will implement new types of evolutions, harder version of capturing Pokemon and so on the topic I’ve created about futurism.

(Extended part of the poll)

  • Additional pokeballs
  • Dressing Pokemons
  • Detecting players nearby your area
  • New types of evolution + limitations
  • Encountering Pokemons before capturing them
  • Migrations of raid bosses
  • Whole set of Shiny pokemons
  • Recording a video in Pokemon GO
  • More background music
  • Soothe Bell
  • Pokemon’s speed
  • Status effects
  • Adjustment on spawns of Pokemon according to landscapes and weather conditions.
  • Chat groups
  • Pokecenter
  • Pre-built teams for raids
  • Exchanging more candies for evolved Pokemon
  • Quests and tournaments
  • Abilities of Pokemon
  • Others

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We said everything different, cool

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It’s too bad I can’t enter >20 options.

Wow there’re so many variables to improve the gameplay of Pokemon GO!

Note: the options are extracted from my topics, ‘Things we want in Pokemon GO’ and the list of topics in ‘futurism’.

I would want ESPECIALLY trading so i could finally get some rares since raiding in my city requires luck to have players and spawn in my city are total joke and Niantic should hire like few employees that could talk with people from different time zones

Wow, hardly anyone cares about bug / crashing fixes…

I think the most I have once a problem of crash/bug, since last June… so, really it’s isn’t very important for me.
You can say, I’m very lucky. Well, maybe, but it’s NOT that I don’t care, only it’s not one of my priorities

The new update makes iPhone 6 crash more

Maybe the problem is that I’m not lucky enough to have an iPhone…:rolling_eyes:

3rd/last part of the poll

  • More sponsored pokestops and gyms
  • Golden nanab berry and golden pinap berry
  • Mega Evolution
  • Z-moves
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly team objectives
  • Repel
  • Alternative use for lucky eggs - stardust
  • Bike functionality from main series of Pokemon game
  • Extend the maximum trainer level
  • 50km eggs for mythical Pokemon
  • Sunset background
  • Items which are able to increase movesets accuracy/offense/defense etc.
  • Tapping gym badges to put/check your Pokemon in the gym
  • Pokemon league
  • Leaders for raids/teams
  • Guilds
  • Daily stages for training pokemon (increase pokemon’s level)
  • Villain teams
  • Mailing and messaging to other players accompanied by emoji
  • Notification system

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@Law2010 we are kindred spirits! Hardcore players’ suggestions deserve to be considered by Niantic!


@Yoshi. I give Pogo a very bad grade. Niantic should be thinking of the future. It may be true that battling Pokémon in Pokémon encounters for Pogo is a bad idea, however think of the future of Pokémon. One day we will be wearing augmented reality wearables and Pokémon the game is going to one day be just like the cartoon/anime. And what does Ash do he battles wild Pokémon before he captures it just sayen.


Welcome back to the Forum, @Law2010.


@Elderscroller you may conclude the result of these polls.

I hope they release some of these features soon

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