[TIPS] Beginner's tips for catching legendaries

I’m sure most of you know someone who still throws their pokeballs straight on the screen and that no matter how many times you remind them they still do there “thing”. But besides that, somewhat off topic intro, I think Zapdos and the other legendaries should be thrown using nanab berries if your not good at throwing curves, or not able to catch them because of constant movement. I have seen people frustrated with their misses on golden razz when they could have a possibility of just using a nanab to at least hit the Pokemon Everytime. Now I know this wouldn’t increase your capture rate than using a Golden razz but for me, I would prefer each person to hit on every single throw than missing three or more premier balls


Those are some good tips. My personal idea is to be the first on the capture screen by rushing through the item delivery scenes. It has a roughly 2/3 success rate, but might work for you. If this strategy works well, you should capture it on the first 3 balls.


I do see this happen as well when someone is rushing to catch a legendary they seem to get it first while I’m taking my time and still haven’t caught it at all, I do think iPhone users would have a better advantage since they are usually in the bonus challenge first than android users.

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Yeah. I have an IPhone and can go through the item screen in 1/3 of a second.

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Thanks @Elderscroller my bad on the topic title earlier

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Oh, yes, of course. Your post was very interesting, by the way! I think it will help a lot of trainers.

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Thanks man, I’m still looking out for those who want to get better at the game and just love to share interesting info for my fellow trainers!

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Zapdos seems to be the easiest to hit except possibly lugia (whose target circle is HUGE), though I think lugia moves more than zapdos.

It depends on each trainer…if you are missing half your throws because of the movement, nanab is probably the way to go. If you’re missing 0-3, I think your odds are still better with the golden berry. Curve if you can, but if you’re not good at it, just going with a simple straight throw is best.

My method is to release the throw at the tail end of the dodge. I would say I hit 90% of my throws with most being great throws

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There is no evidence that works. The wasn’t a valid design of experiment on test that have been conducted and there is insufficient data collected to prove the theory even if the DOE did stand. Wish people understood this and stopped promoting it.

Another theory with insuffient evidence to back it up as fact. The amount of data gathering required to draw conclusions requires hundreds if not thousands of samples and a very structured experiment to prove these theories.

Here is an actual technique that works:

To understand the best method of capturing any Pokémon legendary or not you need to understand capture mechanics of the game. Gamepress did an awesome article explaining in detail How Pokemon Go Capture Mechanics Works. Curve balls, circle size and Razzberry/Golden Razzberry all affect the catch rate. One of the biggest modifiers is how the circle size affects the capture rate. If you are able to land the ball in a smaller circle it will improve your capture chances.

If you press on then ball the capture circle shrinks and resets. A fun Easter egg; press down on the ball until the capture circle is at the smallest size that you are confident you can reliably hit. Carefully release the ball and the circle will remain the same size until you touch the ball again. During an attack the circle is locked until he finishes the attack so you will be able to spin the ball for a curveball and can release the ball at the right moment without having to worry about circle size. After the Pokémon attacks, you have a short window to throw the ball that will guarantee the Pokémon will be stationary and won’t dodge or deflect the attack. Since the circle was set at a size before the attack a well thrown ball will always give him a better catch modifier and improve your chances,

Patience is ultimately the key. It may take more than a minute for some of these beasts to attack, but if you wait for the right moment you can reliable hit great throw curveballs or better a very high percent of the time. It may take practice but you can make great throws and vastly improve your chances .

The final elements that is in your control is working with teammates to have control of many gyms to get the team bonus and to power up pokemon to improve your damage output and to get extra balls through the damage bonus.

Try these proven techniques and you will improve your odds at catching the legendary beasts.

Good luck trainers!


This is good evidence to go upon on! It just that I am still finding theories I like to try out just for the fun for it! :joy: But yes these basic fundamentals that I have following from Kotaku and gamepress do work. I’m glad you guys also share some info as well on capture rates

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