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They are still here!

with much, much higher cost and a much,much less worse attack

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Regirock’s attack stat is 179 versus 251 251 for Ttar. He is at least 30 attack behind gone as well. That means that he is literally worthless for attacking As we cannot put them in ‘gyms The only real use for it is a decks filler The only real use for it is a dex filler


That’s pretty much why I only care about getting 1. I’ll do another raid because my son didn’t catch him today. I’ll also trade my extra Regices.

I’m so hyped for those awesome gen 4 legendaries that will come right after regirock leaves!

Don’t count on that. We will probably get rereleases of Groudon and Rayquaza before any Gen 4 Legendaries are available. Not to mention a rerelease of the Regitrio in Shiny form first.

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NONONONONONO Beasts return first

Beasts are already in research boxes. No point to having them return until they get thier own day like birds have done. Still waiting on word of Moltres Day.

But it makes no sense for the trashbags to return before the beasts do

We haven’t had Shiny Trashcans yet. Hopefully they just introduce them on thier individual day which they also do with beasts. I don’t want Legendary Dogs and Trashcans clogging up Tier 5 Raids for next couple months.

shiny groudon then ray then the dogs.

Ky came before the dogs. :man_shrugging:t5:

I hope they bring Rayquaza back bring him back bring him back

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Yep I want hin

Ok thats true
At least you can earn rare candy for other legendaries

Well at least someone is still happy they are here
If i should vote for all players i know irl
5/6 think they are amazing

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Best meme ever someone had fun making it I bet

worst meme ever,

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Legendaries arent special

Yeah, they are but they’re literally worse than pidgey

Yes they are, but maybe they are not meta-relevant.

Thats what Im saying