Terrified of future Dialga Raids

Dialga is a tanky Pokemon…with a great ATK stat…Steel Type, so lots of resistances. We’ll, I’m the kind of person who likes to do my homework and go in with fully optimal counters. I have a thing for the super effective message.
But on average raid groups, of maybe 4~6 random dudes, we are gonna time out so badly. The ammount of people who uses only the suggested team is overwhelming sometimes. I once did a Giratina with 6 people, and they were all using Aggrons! I was like “Oh, man…cmon…”, and they’re bashing Heavy Slam just saying “what? think we’re gonna make it?” Seriously, I sometimes wished Niantic removed this “suggested” feature.

Dialga’s gonna be a real character to catch.


But at least he is awesome and raids will return again.

Yea, theres that! I haven’t raid in 4 days right now. Where are my Shinxes and Buizels? All I get are Duskulls and Giratinas.

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Gotta find them quick.
Niantics gonna shake things up

I didn’t even know what that was until my son caught one in the mainline game last night.

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Gotta love these two dragons that will be coming to raid. I personally played diamond so Dialga will be a must for me.

You can do it with 2 level 40 players who use Breloom, Machamp and Hariyama in cloudy weather + best friends. And thats before the CP rework.
Youll be fine :wink:

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Gosh dang, it’s really not gonna be good!

I was wrong. My son did not catch that in the regular game last night. It was some other Pokémon that I don’t know about either.

Dialga ? Bring it on…
My Machamp is ready and also my small group of trainer near my house.
Sure they still in their early 30ish trainer level, new player when the regis is the raid boss,sure we ussually only can gather 3-6 trainers for legendary raid, but everyone use their optimal counter that they have, with 2 battle party ready.

I am the only level 40 in this group, i give some advice on how to raid and preparing counters especially in small group (not because we try to be hardcore trainer, but we have too), and trade some counter that i dont use anymore.


Cool! You are like the leader?

I already have my battle team ready for Dialga, and in my Discord group, I’ve been advising people which types to use. I know that Dialga won’t be easy, but honestly I think Palkia will be harder since most of the great counters for Palkia are the ones that Palkia will wipe out the fastest.

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Looking forward to it. Not really worried about running out of time. My Wednesday night raid group normally has 60 people, around 100 the first Wednesday after a new 5 tier raid bosses get released

No fear here.


I just checked my Machamps. They all got a nice buff.

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Queen would be so proud.

No, i am not consider myself a leader, but a team member that happen to play earlier so i can share my experinece.
Yes i have to carry them in raid at the beginning, but not anymore, they can do it themselves. Only when they are less than 5 trainer for giratina raids, then i am carrying em.
I am just happy that i have a group near me now despite still small, so i dont have to go to another area to do a T5 raids.


See? That’s preparation. I still plan on going full tilt with my unique-species only team, like so (all are fully leveled up and in S/A/D format):


Groudon: 100% IV (15/15/15)
Swampert: 98% IV (15/14/15)
Machamp: 98% IV (14/15/15)
Blaziken: 98% IV (14/15/15)
Donphan: 98% IV (14/15/15)
Hariyama: 96% IV (15/13/15)

I did have a 100% Poliwrath primed for this, but when I learned Dialga can learn Thunder, I had to take it out. I put in Donphan as a replacement since my 98% Infernape wasn’t ready yet.


Who are the dark lords