Successful triggered Mewtwo Raid

We finally managed to get our first Ex-Raid invitation and I wanted to share some infos with you.

We are about 30-40 active Raiders in town with ~45 raidable gyms (and more in the forest with no signal or in nearby villages). We used to raid all Legendaries all over town but couldn’t get an invitation. So we decided to change the strategy and started to raid one specific gym. We took the map and choose the gyms in parks (or just green grass) with not so many big streets nearby. We got a handful and choose the gym that was the best for all to reach (quite in the middle of town, the station square). We started to raid all what we got, from Magikarp to Groudon. From 19.12.17 until 03.01.18 we have done 23 Raids, from 6:10am until 7:00pm. In total, 31 different people raided there, some just once, some over ten times.

The invitation is for 09.01.18 1:30-2:15pm and was first noticed 03.01.18 10:40pm. Invited were people who raided there 29.+30.12.17, no matter if they raided once or over ten times. In total, we got 9 invitations in our group (3 without proof because it’s in the middle of the night and the happy ones don’t know it yet).

Now, we will go on with that strategy. We are about to discuss if we choose another gym with the same characteristics or stay with our beloved champion.

Edit: Somehow, two of the unproofed invitations were now proofed as false. So, these persons did the Raid on 30.12. but didn’t recieve the invitation, which makes the whole thing confusing again.

Edit: Another person, who didn’t even raided in those two days got an invitation. At that point, I don’t see any pattern anymore.

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Some new information:

We did it again and here are some statistics.

Gym A raided from 19.12.17 until 03.01.18 with 31 different people, 312 points in 16 days, Ex Raid invitaion on 03.01.18 for 7 people.

Gym B raided from 04.01.18 until 14.01.18 with ~64 different people, no inviation on 07.01. after 346 points in 4 days, no invitation on 14.01. after another 631 points in 7 days.

Gym A raided from 15.01.18 until 22.01.18 with 47 different people, 422 points in 8 days, Ex Raid invitation on 22.01. for at least 27 people so far.

I just really don’t know how they decide whom to give an invitation and whom not.

I think, it’s my last Update since Ex Raid triggering seems quite stable now.

Gym A raided from 02.02.18 till 08.02.18, no invitation on that buggy wave on 06.02.18 after 459 points, invitation on 09.02.18 after additional 82 points (total 541) for ~48 People (nearly all participants since 02.02.18, just a handful got no pass).