Stop looking at nick and look at the stupid potion!

I use to spend coin on raid pass,because even if I can’t catch the raid boss , I can get something exclusive from raid

But now what? You spend a ticket and get 20 Revive ,10 super potion and 6 hyper potion
Rare candy is so low that it’s not even dropping ,

It seems that buying premium ticket nowaday is a very stupid move
And because of the golden razz drop rate is also low
The chance of catching the raid boss will become lower and lower.

GO HUB, you should talk about this and stop focusing on that Nick.


That return you listed would suck and on most days I’d have to trash the lot to make space for Balls.

Also, Nick just released a video explaining how the game could be fairer and progress forwards (Trading, Raid boss scaling, 25km eggs,etc:). It was a great video and anyone angry at Nick should watch it.

Your wish has been granted

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Are you the PokeGenie? my wish is a 100 IV shiny Magikarp, can you make that happen?:joy:


Some of us that raid more than once a day and battle gyms frequently find this to be useful. When you have to stop playing for lack of potions you appreciate these things. I would rather get a few less but I still appreciate being able to heal after a raid.

While I do miss getting 15 rare candy every time, that amount of candy was doomed to break the game. It took no effort to evolve and power up Pokémon anymore. If you were smart about your dust and had not wasted it throughout the game you could literally power any Pokémon to max in a matter of 2 weeks doing legendary raids with yours free raid pass. While it was a nice feature I don’t see it being healthy for game play.

Also getting 3-5 TMs from every legendary raid was awesome but excessive. Much like evolution items, there is no reason to need these every raid. It probably didn’t break the game making to so common took away the special nature of the item. They are still fairly common but not guaranteed.

Also you fail to recognize the value of 10000 XP, the opportunity to catch a legendary, which by the way you have a good chance of catching if you are patient, the handful of candy you do get, the TMs you do get.


The issue is (at least for me) is how already scarce Rare Candy was, and it’s now even harder to obtain. Sadly I spent all of mine on Zapdos so I have none for MewTwo (when I get one).

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@JoshHack the way people save or spend that commodity when it was more common doesn’t change the fact that at up to15 candies a raid didn’t was upsetting the balance of the game.

It does suck for you that you won’t be able to immediately power up Mewtwo but if everyone who catches one could power it up to max right away it would make a special Pokémon much less special.


Just have potions drop more from stops! Their drop rates had to have been nerfed because I’ve been starving for potions for about two weeks now and it wasn’t an issue previously. I’m not raiding or battling gyms more, there just aren’t as many potions

I’m hoarding rare candy…not sure why yet, but when I need it, then it will be worth it. Since potions started dropping I have been getting significantly less rare candy.

Are we playing wising game rn?
I wish for 500k stardust please make that happen go hub Ginie!
I think they should reward some dust after raid battles as well.


I wish for a 100 IV eevee, Go hub genie!


Golden Razzberry drop rates after raids have definitely decreased. Potions can be easy to get though. If you have a lot of pokestops in a small area maybe consider doing a few hours of pokestop farming on the weekend, no Pokémon, Just spinning stops. I used to have issues with having no potions but not any more. I also try to revive everything aftertakkng down a gym or a raid so I know how many of each I have.

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For the love of God can we reverse this stupid change?

I honestly don’t mind. I have played video games for years and enjoy having to put a bit of thought into how I spend resources like golden raspberries and rare candy. Getting 10 candy and 10 berries every raid made it too easy and took away the rarity from the legendary beasts.

Likewise rewarding us with trash some of us LITERALLY THROW AWAY, feels very unrewarding, and a bit of a slap in the face honestly. Now if it were max revives and max potions, that might make it worthwhile. As with any game appropriately rewarding players for their efforts is the key to either drive players to or away from any given content.

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They should give coins for raids. Would be a great incentive.

Spend coin to make coin… I like it.

They should make raid boss cp lower so solo players can actually get legendaries…

Rather than coins, stardust. Just a bonus to make up for the fact you can’t get it as well from gyms any more. Maybe like 1k stardust for a normal raid, and 2k for legendary or something like that.

Gotta agree taking TTs advice is NOT always the best way to handle the situation :wink: