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Speculation - We are just one step away from the fabled Ultra Bonus unlock, but what is it?

Unown will be more common?

I hope so. I still don’t even have it…


Nooooooooo,thats gonna be spammed in the Whatsapp apps and more!:persevere::rofl:

@Kevin260709 , do you want this? This was my first quote!


Make it actually RAIN ralts
(Pls dont flag this its just a joke)


I hope there isn’t an Unown quest, unless unown will be common forever. Because it wouldn’t be fair on new players or players who took longer to get to those quests due to delays or lack of pokestops or lack of Pokemon to beat raids etc.

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Yes bacon is a good idea.

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Speaking of bacon I’m eating it right now.

Noooo, again has appeared the evil word… :sunglasses::sunglasses:


0249187_616x347 This is Bacon.

250px-371Bagon This is Bagon.

Just to clarify things :crazy_face::rofl:

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  • Eat bacon
  • Catch Bagon

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All this talk about bacon makes me want to eat…


I only like the bacon jokes because I started with it, but it starts to ruin the topics now…

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I expect the ultra bonus to be celebi, but to be honest I don’t want an Unown quest to be in there. The Mew quest was brilliantly designed. It allowed basically anyone to work towards Mew. With unown quests in there, people in 2 years time with no unown event will be unable to get Celebi.

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Im a vegetarian xD


Anything related to the Mew quest got increased spawns. I’m sure if Unown is part of Celebi quest, we will also get increased spawns.

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