Someone has tips for kyogre?

If you fail a raid and you try again, has the pokemon the same moveset?

Yes it will have the same moveset

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Raid boss always has a fixed moveset, meaning that even other groups will get the same


Really Really Really Thanks, then if im lucky i can use ditto against thunder kyogre

Uh no lol. Don’t use ditto. Ditto is not built for attacking which means that when it evolve into what it’s battling it won’t do hardly any damage at all to its opponent.

@ImNotReallyANerd My brother used a Ditto during a Kyogre raid and his Ditto used Transform into a CP “51968” “Kyogre”

So its a good idea?

Not really, Kyogre resists all of its moves bar Thunder, and you might as well take the Thunder before he does anyways

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No me and my brother both battle Mewtwo in different lobby and we both got different movesets

How high is cp if ditto if i use it against kyogre? Just the same as it is on my ditto level?

Even Mewtwo does have the same moves per Raid, you probably just didnt communicate well enough

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No it didnt. Please dont go start spreading useless and false information on this forum.


when you caught it, not when you battled it

It didn’t. Ditto would be overpowered then. It probably gained like a thousand cp and your brother exaggerated.

On sites like Gym hunter it shows the move sets of the raid boss at that gym. Also I have lost 1st try several times and always get same moves 2nd time. Now what each person catches is totally random.

I mean in battle, not to catch. And anyway, someone has some tips for me to defeay kyogre with 4 people? Around lvl 30

I don’t think you be able to get the necessary Pokemon strong enough at L30.
It may be possible for L35 and above but all four would need very strong Raikou, Sceptile, Exeggutor or Venasaur.

You cant, unless you all spoof and have 100IV level 35s

I have no idea

Ok. I have no legend or sceptile. Is it possible with 5 people?