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So how about this one year anniversary event?

Another pikachu in a hat and a joke of a “discount gift box” in the shop.

I know they’re including the gym rework as part of the event, but that was supposed to be done a month before it was actually done. They’re also including go fest which I think will be awesome for those going, but not sure how much the rest of us will actually be able to participate.

I’m withholding a final verdict, but certainly underwhelmed so far

It will take me 24 days to save enough coins to afford that “box”.

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I think the Chicago event is going to be the launch of something that will be released worldwide soon after.

They did a poor job with this event, even if they just did double stardust or double xp it would have been more of a celebration. If it was going to be a month long celebration they should have announced this as a start things rather than a single item to celebrate. Guess we will see what the rest of the month brings.

You should really start things with a bang, not a whimper…

If you read some of the reddit threads, which are usualy quite postive, the current event format got an absolute total negative pounding, a mod had to sep in it was so bad!

Personally I think it’s totally awful, all other events prior to this were better, which doesn’t make sense. 1 year annivesary should be double stardust, half price shop, increased spawns etc. even if just for a week, would have been so much more fun.

I think this tweet and the number of like said it all :slight_smile:https://twitter.com/PokemonGoApp/status/883070243257565184


Yeah tis sad. Was expecting double xp so at the very least for all. Le sigh.

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Like most of us I am very disappointed as well. I hoped for double stardust as a minimum. I personally think they had better introduced the experience bonus from the fire and ice event for the anniversary.

But maybe they have some unexpected things for us the upcoming weeks. Let’s hope so.

I just read about the changes in egg hatches. Maybe that’s part of it. Maybe not. But it’s a good move I guess. (not all the changes but that’s another discussion):

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Well the pichu I hatched does have ash hat on got excited cause there were gold stars around it like shines everywhere but they went away I guess it was not loading the image . But it’s 204 cp and good iv’s


I like most of the egg updates, but why add spinirak? And if I hatch a chinchou from a 10k, I’m going to throw my phone

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Stardust 2x event with 1/2 off raid passes would of been :fire:. Still haven’t tracked down “Ash Hat” and the “Box” shoulda came with a Ash Hat for our Avatar. I’d buy it then for sure. :v:t2:

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I personally expected more for the specific date but as long as legendaries or an equivalent are available for me (only level 29 still but a daily player…) I will be forgiving but I am saddened by the discontent (which is mostly justified) within the community

Disappointment is the standard issue. Look at other mobile games. First birthday…is a big deal for them. They do there celebration promos big. I remember brave frontiers deal where you flat-out told them what Mon you wanted and they gifted it to you.

Yeah, like that.

Here, it’s like they don’t even care.

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I don’t feel at all if there is any event now X_x
Give us raid pass discounts =\ or smt new

Just to point out Niantic usually treats players right. Look to past ingress events. Now lets look at who they are partnered with for this game and that companies track record isn’t all that and always geared towards money. So IMHO niantic probably had to scrape and bow to mighty nintendos and pokemon corps desires would be my best guess.

The Anniversary box disappeared from the store before I could save up enough coins to get one. 50 a day just wasn’t enough.

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Your quit e right, but I think really tghink you have not loosed nothing

They did you a favor because that box was a rip off

It’s startling to look awesome.