Snapshot Crashing

So I need to get this progress for my jumpstart research and I need to take a picture of my Pokémon but every time I go into the VR picture mode and throw the ball out the game freezes until it resets. I’ve tried re downloading the app several times but I get the same problem. Another thing that sucks is that I’m missing out on getting a shiny event pikachu

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I have it crash a lot. But I just restart App.

Please help

I have the same problem, but i just did the snapshot on my dadses phone

You dont need to catch it in AR right?
Just catch it normally and then take a snapshot after.

Good idea my guy

Nah you don’t need to catch it in vr. Just take the picture in vr

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AR. VR is something else.

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Turn off the AR+ in your settings. That’s what I had to do.

Turn off AR and, if you never taked snapshots, go to Definitions-apps-POGO-permissions-Storage and enable it. (It will create a folder for pogo pictures on your cellphone.)