Sinnoh Stones -- as in Zero

What’s going on with Sinnoh Stones? The last time I received one was mid-February – nearly six months ago. I do the research tasks every week, so that’s 24 weeks with no stone. I know they are awarded randomly, but having to wait half a year and not get even one stone. . .it’s enough to make even the most dedicated trainer lose interest. Is there some sort of glitch? Or Niantic, could you tweak the randomizer algorithm or something? Don’t starve your most loyal players.

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Daily PvP and team leader battle are way faster to accumulate Sinnoh Stone than weekly Research Breakthrough, I had to delete 30+ to make room in my item storage recently

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Yeah, the best thing to do is battle PvP once a day against a Leader, and 3 times with another player if you can. It’s about a 1 in 8 chance to get a Sinnoh Stone each time.


Thanks! I’ll try that.