Share Pokémon GO Friend Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Hi there, feel free to add me, I play daily and will actively send gifts

7328 6920 6064

Thanks :grinning:

Hey! Level 50, from the US Virgin Islands:

4956 8855 3552


4241 0972 6977

Out of Alabama and play every weekend and many times during the week.

At this point I have more friends that don’t play, than friends that do.

Add me please and I will do my best to help as much as I can.

I’m in Phoenix, Arizona and down to trade and exchange gifts on the reg.

Friend code: 8182 0390 2269

Just trying to keep catching, add me as a friend! :v:t2:
My Trainer Code is 195489461617!

Hiya guys looking for new friends please add me many thanks Tony team mystic

Hello I’ll be happy to share some gift :slight_smile: I’m from Paris/France 851722054474