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Share Pokémon GO Friend Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Please add my friend, daily player will send gifts everyday


Can I please ask for your help I’m trying to make friends to trade and help


Add me

2596 8610 0521

My Trainer Code : 5032 9154 1988



3 guys add me pls 3317 2756 7849

Looking for friends that can receive and open gifts everyday. Add my code: 7139 4739 4353.

This is a long-term friendship, do not add me if you only need friends for the Celebi quest.

669480627510 Lvl 40 Player Germany - Bavaria :slight_smile:


Add me. My trainer code is 6363 9708 9096


Add me let’s do this !!!

6160 6928 0302

:thinking: How do you want to trade items? :joy:

Right now, I’m out of gifts haha. Got so many requests fast