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Share Pokémon GO Friend Codes & Add Friends (Official Megathread)


Add me please. From Sweden and will send as many gifts as I am able to :slight_smile:

9764 9477 3220

4879 4424 0855
from Poland - lvl 40 - i want to sent gift to person from further country.

I’m from Spain but travel frecuently to the US, so I have Europe and America region exclusives. I live in Madrid so looking for trainers near by with access to other region exclusives or some legendaries I missed to trade. I will also send gifts daily.


Added! Thanks for the Gift! I sent a few back! =D

Heck yeah!


Venghar 3187 2898 1967
EmilRusu753 8089 6800 6507

Vienna, Austria

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4319 9450 3332

Based in UK, Level 36, play every day.

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645366187898 add me boois


Greetings from INDIA
Add me bro Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 5821 5669 1473


HI guys I’m new here I’m from Korea

I just start the game again and find out there are friend system now

so my code is 63431047 2108 !

add me to friend list

I will send gifts to you to

just 1m after
Wow thanks to you guys! It was really fast!!

7932 3086 1828

8519 4108 0729 finland!

I think I have to get more presents!!

Hello I’m from Korea!
My Code is 1168 2222 7682.
Add me to exchange gifts!!

7073 6886 8680 Sweden

5419 7832 5440

7932 3086 1828
7240 9098 0354

Nearly at 2000 posts lol

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