Server down 3/5/19

The server is down today, and here’s proof:

You can see that the report level is high, which usually means that there is a global problem happening in Pokemon Go. Usually, report levels are low.

This is a notice, and it can be closed immediately. I am doing this to let people that go to the hub know that it is a global problem and not an issue with anything else. I may continue doing this in the future. You can also use the website given to confirm global server issues.

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Its fine here in The Netherlands though :stuck_out_tongue:

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The server was back up about 2 hours ago. This can be closed now

When will people learn and start linking their accounts with Google…

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Does having your your PTC acct acess through a Goolgle address get you on to the more stable Goolge acct Server or are you still stuck on the PTC server still?

Quite sure it lets you access both since Ive started with PTC, I am logging in daily through Google and Ive had no problems in the past 30 hours

My PTC account is still only accessed through PTC login in and I’ve had no problem but a friend who has a PTC acct and still logging it in through PTC is having lots of problems.
It seems to be hit and miss with some getting lucky and others not.