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Second Move Cost

Any guesses on when will the price start dropping? Only a very small part of players will want to spend it on anything bar Gyarados/Charizard/Venusaur this way

I doubt they ever will. They didn’t drop pricing so much for trades, so I doubt they will here.

You do decrease the price as you level up friendship however, and people do trade a lot
Almost nobody will spend this much dust on more than two Pokemon

I have 8 baby Pokemon with 2 charge moves

Then we need to fight.

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Yes yes we do look in the challenge someone thread been waiting on you

Damn, you spent too muuch time on this

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Who you talking to

I honestly didn’t take all that much time. lol

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I think he was talkin to me

Vanhool, you don’t aggree…it looks like it took a while to do it