Second account no longer pulling through - Any help appreciated?


I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me with my Pokemon Go issue.

In the beginning of the EU launch for Pokemon GO I began my account as Villordsutch and played it for a short amount of time, however due to issues arising with the game I lost access to game and decided to leave it in its infancy.

A year or so later I returned and hoped to continue where I left off, still it didn’t load up my original account so I began Villordsutch2nd using my same email address and enjoyed myself for a while. Caught a load of gyms, did a small handful of raids etc.

Then I took time away for a couple of months as it was occupying my time a bit to much.

After that time away I returned to Pokemon Go, installed it and caught a Pokemon. I was surprised to see it tell me it was new as I was positive I’d seen it before. Checking my previously caught it rapidly became apparent my original account was active and my 2nd account now was not being pulled through, with all my coins, pokemon etc attached.

I’ve tried to find an email address to sort this out, but seem to end up in an endless webpage loop. I’ve tried to retrieve my username/password etc. but still keep returning to my original account.

Can anyone please help me here? Possibly direct me towards an email address where I could get this sorted and perhaps finally get my 2nd account back?

Thank you

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You using Google or PTC?

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It’s Google. Downloading via the Google Play Store.

He means your email for login into the game.
Each account can only have a unique mail. You can use Google login or Facebook login (think there´s a third option). You must be using your first email and changed it (or choosed another way to login) when registering your other account. You need to remember which method did you used and what email did you registered on that account.

You used two different Google accounts for your two different accounts?

Sorted it! Thanks to the posts. I had to go in via my Trainer Club log in, even though it’s the same Gmail address etc.

I’m now back with all my Pokemon and very happy. Thanks for the pointers and prompts.

You are welcome for the help. Enjoy Eevee CD!!!:wink:

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