Search Cheats: What Exists?

So there is search the number, Pokémon name, or shiny, or I just figured out you can search legendary.

I couldn’t fit my mewtwo or Groudons or Bigger rayauaza or kyogre or moltres

You can also search for types, for example, searching “Rock” would give you a list of all of your owned Pokémon that are rock types.

using @ you can search for Pokémon with a certain attack, for example @outrage

If you search ‘Defender’ you see all gym defenders you have.

Some options for you

  • Search on the original Pokémon name. (Salamence)

  • Search on the name you gave your Pokémon. (Godzilla)

  • Search on HP (HP36)

  • Search on CP (CP3001)

  • Search on Pokédex numbers (001 [ = Bulbasaur])

  • Search a Pokémon with all the evolves (+wurmple)

  • Search rows (001-006 [ = Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard]) (CP2000-3000) (HP100-200)

  • Search on types (Fighting)

  • Search on moves (@draco meteor)

  • Search all your legendary Pokémon (Legendary)

  • Search all your defenders (Defender)

  • Search all your shinies (Shiny)

  • Search all Pokémon you can evolve (Evolve)

  • Search multiple things (Shiny, normal, @hyper beam [You than see all shiny Pokémon, all normal Pokémon and all Pokémons with the move ‘Hyper Beam’.])

  • Search a Pokémon with more information (with Shiny & dragonite & @draco meteor you only find a Dragonite with that.)


Hope this helps.


That’s exactly what I’ve mentioned, and even lesser than that.

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@Jormdeworm pretty much said everything I was going to say.

Only thing I would like to add is the use of ‘&’. which lets you filter my multiple criteria. So for example if you use a comma inbetween search peramters (Shiny, normal, @hyper beam) you will get all your shiny mons AND all normal mons AND all mons with hyper beam. But if you use ‘&’ in between (Shiny& Normal & @Hyper beam) it will give you just Shiny mons that are normal type with the move hyper beam.
I use it for when I’m doing a mass evolve with a lucky egg. I name all the ones I want to evolve ‘EV’ and then I search ‘Evolve & EV’ that way stuff like event Pikachus and stuff doesn’t come up and once I have evolved them the are removed from the list. Saves a lot of time.


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