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Salamence's Community Day Exclusive Move is Outrage! | Pokemon GO Hub

Just DVR the game and go out there and get you one with outrage

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Got a weather boosted 87% with 15 attack today, hope for windy during CD time


Salamence with Outrage will become 2nd best dragon currently in game


My son’s game got moved to 2 because of poor field conditions. Now I’ll miss half of hockey game but at least I’ll be in town for start of Community Day.

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Hundo Pichu was hatched and a 96% shiny salamence at level 26

Oh and the pichu hatched with best moveset LOL


Got 1 Bagon in before CD started and 2 more in the extension when I spat the chewy with the server issues and called it a day after 3hrs 15min as it was not enjoyable with the game constantly freezing and having to be re-started.
Never got a Bagon above 87% out of 18 Raids.

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How awesome to hatch a 100 IV Pichu with the best moveset.

Too bad the moveset would change if you evolve it. And it’s not useful for much more than to look at as a baby. (Then again, considering how often a Raichu been called on to take down a raid boss or gym, you might as well just call it Trophy Pichu and keep it unevolved…)

That has to be even more discouraging than spinning 24 pokestops in a row without getting even one gift to send to a friend, because it consumes 18 valuable raid passes.

Just spent about 300k dust to power up 6 Outrage Mence, let’s see how they perform against Latios and Giratina-O

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