Sadness ovecomes joy

New raids!! yeeey, Lugia again!!! Yey… (didnt see it last time)

And then it hits me… im a player on an island far from civilazation and have no one to raid with… (oh yea, thats why i’ve never cought anything but a T1- T2… cause i just read Go Hub and wished i was somewere with more people to play with :frowning: )


I wish i could help but i’m in the same situation :frowning:

Where do you live?

Same. I only ever got 2 chances for legendaries (Entei and Suicune), and i failed both.

If online trading ever becomes a thing, I would GLADLY trade you a Suicune

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i live in Santorini island in Greece

and i would love to trade for ANY legendary even with 0 IV if i could

Once trading is in game, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to make an arrangement like, someone gets to stay for 3 days at your place (which is one of the most iconic islands of Greece!) in exchange for Legendary XYZ. Even if you add “(Only singles of preferred gender and of marriable age need apply)”. xD

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I got a bit luckier being able to go to large cities around once every 2 months. I got moltres, zapdos, beat a lugia but no catch, entei, kyogre and rayquaza. It’s highly unlikely though since the city players won’t let me into the discord if I live 6 hours away.

Once trading is in game i want: the legendary dogs, zapdos, articuno, ho-oh and groudon(the ones i missed)

As i said, any will do!! 1 is waaay better than none :confused:

once trading is availiable im soooo doing that!!! :smiley:

Ive only been lucky once to fight a lagendary with people and beat it on a trip to Turkey (even so in my island i see 2-3 legendary raids a day and just wave at them with a sad face)… it was a ho-oh and didnt get it.