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Rules Team Rocket Week

Rules Team GO Rocket Week:

  • Users are allowed to take over topics as long as they don’t create chaos. That means adding slogans, painting an R on a picture, renaming Pokemon with a Team GO Rocket reference, etc are allowed. I will give adding Team Rocket memes to an otherwise relevant comment a try too, but if it’s getting out of hand, this will no longer be allowed.
  • Please don’t post anything Team Rocket related comments in a topic when the entire comment is irrelevant to the topic itself.
  • Users are free to post anything Team Rocket related they want in the Team Rocket category and topics such as “Let’s talk - anything”
  • Up to three days into the Team Rocket Week, users will get a warning if they do not follow the rules. After three days, not following the rules will result in a three day suspension and a seven day silence at the same time, meaning that user will not be able to participate in the Team Rocket Week anymore. If that same user continues their behavior, it will result in a permanent suspension.
  • The banner will continue to be changed to something Team Rocket related. Users can scroll down to see the rules. A separate topic with the rules will be created as well, and will be pinned globally. It will be repinned when a new Team GO Rocket Event starts or when the rules are changed.
  • We’ll be giving users an option to change their Title on a request during Team Rocket Week. The title must be related to the Team Rocket Event.

Keep in mind that these rules are not permanent an may be changed in the future. We’ll make sure to notify whenever a rule changes.

Topic is now pinned globally. To unpin, click the “Pinned Globally” button underneath the reply button and select “Unpinned”

Keep in mind the survey will remain open, in case people change their minds. I’ll also send a PM to every regular member that hasn’t answered the survey whenever the notification bug finally gets fixed.