Rhydon: Still able to be solo'ed?

So, just a couple days ago, a youtuber known as “KaitoNolan” AKA Solo Queen actually soloed Rhydon after the CP rework, and what are your thoughts on this? Anyways it was done with six Maxed out Kyogre with Waterfall and Hydro Pump. Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/GKHvG3Gf81M

This is my team for duoing Rhydin with Another player:

Share your thoughts below!

(Note to self: stop making topics left right and center)

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My brother has done this but he is also a level 40 and has a bunch of maxed out water types

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I can but not 100% and only in good conditions

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there’s no way of you completing a raid with that team. duo or trio. I suggest powering some stuff up

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Definitely not solo, but I think you are the one that needs to think again, since Gyarados is second best water type attacker without Stone Edge and WF/HC Feraligatr and any moveset Vaporeon will do well, so might need to think again on that.

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if you want to duo Rhydon then you will most likely fail, unless you’re carried by a good player.
Because a player known for soloing has done it with 6 max out nr 1 Kyogres you’re going to duo it with 1 crappy Gyarados and 3 meh Vapereon? That is a huge dump in sustained dps. I’d take his advice and power up stuff.
You’re also bragging about the nr 2 water pokemon that you have 1, not powered up… that is a huge difference from 6 maxed out kyogre

Also, in before: i already duo’d it bla bla. That’s not because of your super team

Sorry to be such a downer… it’s what i do on forums :smile:

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I wouldn’t try to solo Rhydon; but they’re eminently doable now, just by following the hub’s Rhydon raid guide. Emphasis on solar beam (several Alola Exeggutors and a couple of maxed-out Venusaurs) with hydro pump (a maxed-out Gyarados and a couple of Kyogres).

One trainer level 40 and the other level 35, with that team mix is enough to finish off a Rhydon boss with about 15 seconds to spare.


Pokémon selection isnt everything, if they are at a low level, they cant beat him
You can run Genie sims to see if you can