Return of the prestiger

Just a tribute to the prestiger
Old trainer use it a lot for Ace Trainer Badge, so they are legendaries in their own right
Now they are gone
I missed using them again


RIP the king of prestige parasect, may you be missed

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There should be a use for lower tier Pokemon besides just Evolution XP and Pokedex entries.

Training brought that to an extent but I’d still like to see something like that. Maybe with PvP?

They should turn training back on. Why not be able to do that at one of your own team’s gyms if it’s full?

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Indeed, i still incule Parasect despite it weaknesses against Magmar.
It is the legendariy prestiger

It would be an incentive to raise motivation on the monsters in the gym another way then just feeding them berries. This would be helpful when you have already reached your berry limit.

The revival of prestige Pokemons could be made as battling against own gym And getting XP and stardust from it. (And maybe candy bonus, like while feeding) this would also solve the problem when you are too stocked with battle items. Of course the scaling of stardust and XP would be scaled by the Pokemon cp.


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